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1800 Call Forwarding is a Great Solution for Handling Customer Service Calls


The Customer is Always Right (at your door)

Just how frustrated are Americans with the state of customer service today? According to a new Consumer Reports’ survey, 65 percent are “tremendously annoyed” by rude sales people and 64 percent of respondents said they they had left a store in the previous 12 months because of poor service.

1 800 Call Forwarding is the Lifeblood to Customer Service

If good customer service is the lifeblood of a successful business, and, if in most small businesses the Customer Service “Department” and the sole proprietor are one in the same, doesn’t it make sense that a small business needs to have a good solution for handling customer service calls?

If you answered “yes,” please keep reading. (If you answered “no,” just go ahead and hang up your “Out of Business” sign now.)

Two great solutions for handling customer service calls are a virtual phone number and 1800 Call Forwarding.

Here’s why:

  • A virtual phone number gives a small business owner a professionally-styled way for customers to reach a company representative who can help with a problem or complaint. When a customer calls your virtual phone number, they hear a professionally recorded greeting with instructions, such as: “Press 1 to speak with Sales, 2 to speak with Accounting, 3 to speak with Customer Service, etc.
  • Since it’s likely you are the representative for all three “departments,” Pressing “3” routes that caller to the phone (or phones) you’ve set up to receive calls. This could be routing a call to your cell, or to a home, or home office phone for example. Incoming calls can be set to ring at all phones at once, or simultaneously.
  • The professional image that an auto attendant setup like this conveys reinforces that you are not only an established company, but one that is actually interested in helping customers (and if you think there are companies that don’t consider that a #1 priority, read — or re-read — the Consumer Reports results).
  • A 1 800 Call Forwarding phone service not only reinforces a professional image, but it also gives customers (or potential customers) the sense that you are making it easy for them to reach you. And, particularly if customer service calls are coming from outside your area code, a 1 800 number service takes the sting out of a caller having to pay for a call to discuss an issue they’re having with your company.

Before closing out this post on the benefits of a virtual phone number and a 1 800 call forwarding service, particularly as it relates to energizing your customer service agenda, here are a few more stats from the Consumer Reports survey, and reasons why a virtual phone number is perfect for your small business:

Most Annoying Phone-Related Gripes
8.9% — Can’t get a human on the phone
8.5 — Many phone steps needed (to reach a human)

Getting set up with a virtual phone number is easier than you think. Setup can be done all online, and generally takes minutes. To see how easy it is to set up a virtual phone number or 1 800 number, and to get a free trial, click here.

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