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9 Benefits of Having 1 800 Toll Free Numbers for Businesses


Today’s business market has lots of competition. So if you run a business, it’s important you work at making it look like the number one business available. So no matter if you have a small business with about five employees, with 1 800 toll free numbers, you will be able to look and sound as professional as the large businesses.

Read on to learn more about the benefits and importance of having business toll free numbers.

  1. First and foremost, it gives your business positive branding to mark a good impression with customers. In fact, some companies also go to the extent of building entire brands using toll numbers like 1-800-BAKERS. Owning an easy to remember vanity number is indeed similar to owning prime real estate.
  2. Toll free numbers make your company or business more accessible to a national and not only local customer base. This technology lets small business serve customers beyond their local boundaries, which is why these businesses prefer buying a toll free number as an efficient marketing tool.
  3. If you have a memorable toll free number, you can offer optimal customer service to your customers as they can easily reach you when they have questions to ask. Customers who memorize your number can call you up anytime, anywhere even when they are not near computers to look up your number. This in turn increases the chances of generating more sales for your business.
    Though technology has advanced so much that most problems can be resolved on websites or through email, many customers still prefer using the phone to call you. They feel really happy just being able to contact you by phone, and by providing them with the necessary customer service.
  4. With a toll free number, customers can reach and call you without being charged for the call. So in a way, these numbers work as a great marketing tool for engaging customers, and making it easier for them to connect. This in tune helps increase your sales and ROI.
  5. Flexibility is another reason or benefit of toll free numbers as you can forward these numbers to any cell phone, landline or IP phone. Moreover, these toll free numbers are portable and without contracts, which means you can conveniently transfer the number to any carrier required anytime.
    As forwarding calls is a free feature most toll free service providers provide, you can easily take your national business anywhere from your office and even when on the move.
  6. Use toll free numbers to grow or at least plan out your national presence. You find new mobile apps getting released on an everyday basis which helps consumers buy more things online. In fact, it is because of these toll free numbers that small businesses today find it much easier to sell their products to both national and international customers.
  7. 1 800 toll free numbers for businesses are reasonably priced and affordable to even startups and small businesses. It’s better to look out for phone services which offer cloud-based VoIP phone systems for small businesses.
    There are also many major providers which provide convenient monthly plans with all-inclusive rates and pay-as-you-go options which don’t need any contracts or deposits to use.
    Moreover, as these toll free numbers are free, there is an increased chance of customers calling the number to gain more information about your business and perhaps strike a deal!
  8. With the help of an 800 toll free number, you can now centralize your business where employees located in seven different states function on only one number. Moreover, once you get a toll free number, you own it.
    No matter how or where you change your business or location, the number remains the same and yours. This makes the number easily transferable if you need a bigger phone system for your growing business, but don’t want to change your number.
  9. Last, but not least, these toll free numbers can help you keep track of your marketing efforts. If you have a website, billboard or print ad, it’s difficult finding out where a caller calls from. However with a toll free number, you can create extensions associated with a particular campaign.

In other words, you are allotted one number for print, one for website and one for your mobile phone. This helps you keep track of the effects of your marketing campaign and increase your call volume, sales and ROI.

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