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5 Benefits of Tablets for Mortgage Brokers


The following five tips for mobile professionals appear in the November Scotsman’s Guide Residential Edition, a leading publication for mortgage brokers.

The article focuses on the increased functionality offered by apps installed on tablets.

An example? Using a VoIP (Voice over IP) app, such as the eVoice app for iPad, a mortgage broker can make or receive calls on an iPad, wherever a wi-fi connection exists.

The tips appear in an op-ed article by j2 Global’s V.P. Marketing, Mike Pugh.

Click here to read the entire article.


  1. Take your office with you: Apps designed specifically for the mortgage industry give you access to the tools of your brick-and-mortar office. Many brokerages have their own apps, letting their employees access important tools while on the road. For independent brokers and those whose companies don’t have their own apps, there are a multitude of general apps that can be downloaded, the best of which will keep you updated with market rates while providing access to applications, lender contacts and product portfolios.
  2. Tackle paperwork: Mortgage professionals can give their briefcases a break by storing, accessing and editing paperwork via cloud-based applications. Dropbox and iBooks, for instance, can give you access to boilerplates, broker-information kits and other lender documents right from your tablet computer. Related, electronic-faxing apps can allow you to sign paperwork and share it with clients and lenders. Imagine meeting with a client, making changes to a loan application, signing it and shipping it off to a lender — all without leaving the lunch table.
  3. Go paperless: Electronic business-card apps like WorldCard Mobile capture and catalogue contact information with your tablet computer’s camera, making your contact lists easily searchable and sortable. In the same vein, Evernote allows you to take notes on your tablet and store them in a central, secure place.
  4. Use a mobile-friendly phone system: Quality voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) apps provide all the functionality of business-class phone systems, and can be tailored to your mobile work life. With certain VoIP applications, you can set up call screening, call forwarding, voice-to-text and conference calls among other advanced phone features. Some VoIP applications can even consolidate multiple phone numbers and route calls directly to your tablet computer.
  5. Address back-office tasks: Tablet computers also offer access to apps that can streamline many back- office tasks. Expensify, an app that tracks and organizes expenses, can be synchronized with a credit card or bank account and allow you to export expense reports to your manager or accountant. Other apps let users manage timesheets and book travel from the road.

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